IIMS Pakistan

The IIMS Pakistan Region under the guidance/supervision of its Regional Director Capt. Khalil U Khan has established its Regional Office in Pakistan, Karachi.

The International Institute of Marine Surveying is an independent, non-political organisation. Membership is open to Qualified Mariners, Cargo Surveyors, Yacht and Small Craft Surveyors, and Marine Consultants from around the world. Individuals, with specialised nowledge, experience or skills able to contribute and enhance the aims and objectives of the Institute are also invited to join.

To promote professionalism and the advancement of knowledge in the profession of Marine Surveying, which the Institute defines as being, ‘the service provided to maritime and transport organisations in general and the production of guidance reports for all other bodies connected with maritime operations or maritime trade’.

To maintain high professional standards decreed in a Code of Conduct and to verify the competence of those seeking to become members of the Institute.
To seek recognition from Government Organisations, Coastguards, the International Maritime Organisation, licensed marine underwriters, insurance companies, ship owners and marine lawyers.
To put into practice the high standards of the Institute and consequently, to exclude certain surveyors or those whose conduct or competence could cast discredit on the Institute.
To confer professional status on those who contribute to and encourage safety, professionalism and unity amongst those concerned with the shipment of cargo, Marine Surveying, Marine Superintendency and Marine Consulting.
To bring together experts whose specialised knowledge and practical expertise will enhance the reputation of Marine Surveyors and Marine Consultants.
To organise and evaluate the training of future Marine Surveyors.
The advancement of the reputation of international Marine Surveying and its associated aspects by means of regular publications and public meetings.

The IIMS is a membership lead organization with an elected President and Vice President who are members of the Institute Management Board.
The Institute Management Board is made up of elected members of the Institute who take responsibility for the various areas of responsibility within the Institute. (These areas are listed under current officials).

The Management Board meet four times a year and in accordance with the Constitution set the policy and direction for the Institute.
The Institute is managed by the Chief Executive Officer and a staff at the IIMS Head office.


Members of the Institute may be nominated as Fellows. The IIMS Fellowship is not an automatic time upgrade.

Eligibility for FIIMS will be as follows:

  1. Full Member in continuous and good standing for a minimum period of 5 years.
  2. He/she should demonstrate continuous CPD for the 5 year period.
  3. The prospective candidate will be required to demonstrate having made a significant contribution to the IIMS or the marine industry.
  4. Members of other accepted and recognized Marine Surveying Societies will be considered under reciprocal arrangements and provided the IIMS time and CPD criteria is met in full.
  5. Fellows may use the designation FIIMS after their name.

From time to time the Management Council may confer Honorary Membership on individuals who have given outstanding service to the Institute. Honorary Members have the same rights as Full Members but do not pay a subscription. Honorary members may use the designation HonIIMS after their names.

Individuals holding an internationally recognized marine qualification who can prove that they have practiced on a full time basis for a minimum period of five years as a consultant or marine surveyor.

  1. Individuals who, by producing written reports can demonstrate that they have practiced marine surveying or consultancy for at least five years.
  2. Individuals whose qualifications or experience shall be considered appropriate by the Professional Assessment Committee (as beneficial to the support of the Institute).
  3. Full Members may use the designation MIIMS after their names.

Individuals practicing Marine Surveying or Consultancy for a minimum period of three years and who do not yet fulfill the conditions to become Full Members.

  1. Full Members who have decided to reduce their involvement in the Institute.
  2. Individuals whose qualifications or experience shall be considered appropriate by the Professional Assessment Committee, (as beneficial to the support of the Institute).
  3. Associate Members may use the designation Associate IIMS after their names.

Individuals who have passed an Institute Degree or Diploma course but do not have sufficient experience to qualify as Full or Associate Members. Graduate Members may use the designation GradIIMS after their names.(Graduate Members may apply for Associate Membership after two years, Graduates who cannot demonstrate experience in the field of surveying may apply for Supporting Membership whilst training after two years).

All individuals who register for the Institute Diploma courses, unless they are already members of the Institute will be appointed as Student Members of the Institute for the duration of their course.

Individuals or organisations having an interest in Marine Surveying or Marine Consultancy and who encourage and approve of the aims of the Institute, whatever their profession or qualifications may be.

Past Full or Associate Members who have retired and retain an interest in Marine Surveying and Consultancy, but no longer carry out surveys. Graduates who do not meet the criteria for Full or Associate Membership and are continuing to train prior to applying for Associate membership.

Individuals holding a recognised qualification i.e. Inspector level 2 or higher (NACE, FROSIO, ICorr), NDT Technicians (CSWIP) i.e. Gauging personnel, divers or other surveyors with at least three years full time practical experience in a marine related field.

Technician members may use the designation Tech IIMS after their names.

There are many benefits of being a member of the Institute.

Recognition – as a Member, Technician or Associate Member, you are entitled to use the designatory letters after your name to demonstrate your professional commitment. Professional development – the Institute offers a comprehensive and progressive qualifications programme designed to increase your knowledge and range of skills within the marine surveying industry.

Networking – from time to time you will be invited to attend seminars and forums which will increase your knowledge in specific areas of work and allow you the opportunity to network with other members from different parts of the world as we are an international organisation.
Membership journal – as a member you will receive a copy of the Institute’s quarterly magazine “The Report”. Each issue is full of topical articles, case studies and membership news.

Information and enquiry bulletin board on the website.
Members’ directory.
Regular technical seminars.
Discounts on education, training programmes and publications.
Conferences and social events.